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About The Nineties

Created in 2021, The Nineties is a fashion and lifestyle brand that focuses on creating conversation around minimalism and aesthetics.

What began as a time period word has since grown into a community and an ideology. The beauty is that each person can have their own interpretation. To us, The Nineties is the essence of life: fusing together the nostalgia of the past with the current and the now. It’s about the then and now and everything in between.

Over the past year, we’ve dedicated efforts towards designing for those who want to embody an effortless culture.

What makes The Nineties different?

Everything. The craftsmenship. Where it's made. How it's made. The fabric. The quality. The feel. The details. The design. The fit. The stitching. The purpose. Literally everything.

The Nineties Approach

Our approach is simple - To provide you with aesthetically pleasing clothing with the highest quality possible. Its no secret that our clothing is also made in the same factories as high end luxury brands. Our manufacturers are simply the best.

Why Minimalism?

There's just something about the way it looks. Fashion changes daily and sometimes hourly - today it's fashionable and tomorrow it's not. Our belief is that "real" fashion is always going to be on trend - A bespoke navy suit. A trench coat. Oxford shoes. We want to make clothing for those individuals who want to buy fashion that will still be fashionable 10 years from now and more importantly - last till then.

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